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Cascade Engineering Solutions
      Cascade engineering solutions has been the driving force moving Cascade from an ag-air flying service to a FAA Parts Manufacturing Authority and Supplemental Type Certified product manufacturer. Cascade works with both fixed and rotary wing applications and we look forward to taking on your challenge. Cascade engineering solutions has the resources and talent to take your idea from concept to STC. Below are just a few examples.

Case Study 1:

Basler Turbo Conversions, LLC approached Cascade with a problem they were having in the Middle East and North Africa with their PT6-67 powered DC-3 Aircraft. Prior to our solution, the DC-3ís were unable to take off from the strips they were operating out of without over temping. Simply the turbines were temping out to due to negative intake pressure and high ambient air temperature. Full torque could not be applied during takeoff without temping out. Operators were also fighting dirt, dust and sand ingestion that had lowered TBO to 400-500hrs.

Cascade engineering solutions developed the filter barrier system for Basler Turbo Conversions that provided an answer where:

  • Operators are now able to pull full torque under any ambient temperature without exceeding max ITT allowing for operations into even shorter strips than previously.
  • With the Cascade engineered filtration system, TBO is now extended to over 2000 hours.


Basler Turbo Conversions DC-3 Cascade Aircraft Solutions
Broussard rebuild

Case Study 2:


Long time client, Scott Baker of Versatile Helicopters in Chemainus, Vancouver Island, British Columbia needed the reliability, power and weight savings of a turbine conversion in the experimental category for his Broussard MH.1521. The Broussard MH.1521 is a 1950s French six-seat utility monoplane designed by Max Holste to meet a French Army requirement. Cascade engineering solutions developed the firewall forward conversion to include:

  • New Motor Mount
  • Cascade Pressure Cowl with lifetime Filter
  • All new sheet metal and fiberglass firewall forward primed ready for the clients final paint scheme.

Cascade engineering solutions welcomes a new challenge; we look forward to taking your idea from concept to a STC.