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PT6A-41/42 850SHP Upgrade Kit for Thrush

850SHP 510 Thrush Aircraft
AIR TRACTOR PT6A-42 850SHP Power UPGRADE for AT502/502B
850SHP AT502B FWF Installed
850SHP PT6A-42 Power Upgrade for the AT502/502B aircraft. Turn your AT502B into a 500 gallon-All day - Every day highly productive Air Tractor with this upgrade. This is 850SHP continous HP up to 106 degrees OAT. The upgrade kit includes new engine mount, new cowling and the Cascade Pressure Cowl is included in the power kit. The Cascade Pressure Cowl has a 16 year no FOD history of providing the maximum amount of positive,clean air to all Air Tractor models. The easy access to the filter system allows for 5 minutes changes for a clean system while totally protecting the turbine engine from the harsh agricultural environments. The time tested Pressure Cowl is a must have product that will protect the most expensive part of the aircraft....the engine.

Cascade Pressure Cowl
Cascade Pressure Cowl

Our pilot last year with standard inlet on a 96 to a 102 degree day could not make full torque without red lining NG speed.  Now with the inlet (Cascade Pressure Cowl) he can make full torque and could over torque at the same outside temps and no worries about Ng speed.  With the inlet (Cascade Pressure Cowl) we are 50 degrees off of redline now on same day conditions this year…. Our pilot that flies N5297F has nothing but praise about the performance.” Dennie Stokes - Vice President Mid–Continent on the performance of the Thrush 510-34 N5297F with the Cascade Pressure Cowl installed.   Supplemental Type Certified (STC’d) for the Air Tractor PT6 400, 500, 600, and 800 series as well as the PT6 powered Thrush S2R, 510, 550 and 660 Series.

  • All new air intake system, including plenum, diffuser, turbine intake shroud and necessary cowlings/panels with quick access cam lock fasteners
  • New mounting hardware
  • Painted to match OEM colors
  • High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) lights mounted in the nose cowling
  • Highest quality Hand-Crafted Workmanship all done in our shop


Cascade pressure cowl offers increased performance and reduced operating costs extending the life of your turbine investment.

  • 30-50ºF reductions in ITT (Pilots report up to 70ºF reductions in ITT when installed on a PT6 powered Thrush S2R)
  • Reduction in NG of 1 to 3%
  • Reduction in fuel burn of 2-5GPH
  • Lifetime serviceable filter system
  • 15 minute filter change time with easy access via Cam-Locks on side panels
  • 50% more surface area than conventional filtration systems
  • Easy access to service the turbine fuel nozzles
  • Spare filters available



New Brushless Airframe Fuel Pump
Helicopter Air Filter
Barrier Air Filter System

Barrier Filter System

Supplemental Type Certified (STC’d) for the Hiller 12E and Bell 47 Soloy Turbine Engine conversions, our Barrier Filter System for the helicopters replaces the current particle separator used. Bleed air from the engine compressor is disconnected and plugged, as our filter system doesn't require its use.

  • Our system utilizes ambient temperature air and doesn't rob bleed air from the engine, resulting in a lower TOT and more usable power.
  • Allows the compressor air to be used by the engine enhancing its performance
  • Air formerly from the compressor, used by the particle separator, was hot and increased the temperature of the intake air further reducing the efficiency of the engine


Cascade barrier filtration system offers increased performance and reduced operating costs extending the life of your turbine investment.


  • Reduced TOT of 25 to 35 ºC , testing results of the system showed a 43 ºC reduction in ITT temperature on a static test pulling full torque 
  • Pull full torque at lower ITT temps
  • Reduced fuel burn
  • Extend the life of critical turbine parts
  • Lifetime serviceable Air Filter System
  • 60% more surface area than conventional filtration systems
  • 15 minute filter change time


Cascade Mouse Pants

There is no doubt that mice crave aircraft and operators abhor mice and their consequences. The problem is not limited to GA or small aircraft – Gregoris Dassios, Cabin Furnishings & Payload Systems Engineer with Airbus Industries states that: “Operators have reported cases of aircraft infestation by rodents such as mice and rats, causing discomfort and alarm amongst passengers and crew, but also potentially considerable damage to the aircraft. Their presence in an aircraft can lead in extreme cases to the aircraft being grounded, especially when electrical wiring damage has been discovered. Rats and mice seem to be attracted by the odors emitted by the insulation around the wires.” In fact Simon Korez recently reported that mice grounded three Pilatus aircraft. You are not alone in the war on rodents. Fight rodent infestation with Cascade’s innovative and extremely simple solution, Mouse Pants!


  • Hand crafted from the highest quality 2024-T3 aircraft aluminum (lighter and not as likely to carve up an operator like galvanized steel)
  • Quick action Wing nut CAMLOC aircraft grade fasteners
  • Rubber trimmed to protect your aircraft’s finish and the flooring surface


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