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GE/Walter Turbine Conversion and
PT6 Pressure Cowl
available for


GE/Walter Turbine

Jeff Steggs and Sons with their Walter Thrush times 3
Cascade Aircraft Conversions has a complete firewall forward
turbine conversion using the M601 E-11 751hp GE/Walter engine.
This has been a very successful conversion and would be a great option to upgrade your Thrush to turbine power.

The Walter Turbine has no fuel nozzles to clean and  no hot section inspections.
Auto Start Systems for simplified start up procedures.

Jim Schick's Walter Thrush
  • More economical to purchase and maintain. Approximately half the cost of comparable PT-6 powered engine for both purchase price and overhaul cost.
  • Low Maintenance-there are no nozzles to keep clean and service, no hot section inspections required. No engine tear-down required in a wire strike event, just inspection.
  • Walter Factory Warranty up to 1000 hours, 2 years or 1100 cycles.
  • Service Tech's are located in West Helena, Arkansas and can be to your location quickly, if there is a problem.
  • 2000 or 3000 hour engines available. Hot and High is also an available choice for these engines.

Cascade Walter Turbine Conversion in Australia!
GARFIELD, WA- The Managing Director, Rob boschen, of AG AIR-WORK GROUP in Stawell, Victoria Australia contacted Doran Rogers at Cascade Aircraft Conversions in Febuary of 2006 asking for information on the Walter conversion for one their S2R Thrush's. Their company operates 10 aircraft and have 7 satellite airports that they operate. The state of Victoria has been in a drought for at least 10 years, so crop spraying isn't as good as they would like, but with the well diversified area that they cover, they are able to maintain a pretty good average. In January of 2006 a lightning fire caused 46% of the Grampians National Forest to burn. Putting two of their A.T. 802's to work wasn't a problem because the fire was just off the end of the runway at Stawell. Some of the crops that they spray are Rice, Wheat, & Cotton. They also spray and fertilize the Gum tree plantations that are harvested for paper pulp. In August of 2006, Doran & Sandy Rogers flew to Australia to help the Ag Airwork mates put the new conversion on one of the Thrush aircraft. The conversion was air freighted to Melbourne, all complete and ready to bolt on the firewall except for attaching the prop, blades, and spinner, the instrument panel, and other necessary attachments. No worries, the crate that Cascade built with the conversion weighte 2,800 lbs. but this insured that the conversion arrived in great shape. The group in Australia was a great crew to work with and we would go back there again. It was a really beautiful countryand the people are wonderful. --- Sandy Rogers


PT 6 Pressure Cowl

The Cascade Pressure Cowl is now available for the 660 Thrush (Pictured Above)
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Cascade Aircraft Conversions Pressure Cowl
has been a great success!

 Please go here to find out what the Thrush customers are saying about how they have benefited by their purchase!

Cascade Pressure
Cowl Advantages

  • LIFETIME AIR FILTER SYSTEM - Eliminate ongoing expensive filter purchases!
  • Reduces Fuel burn by more than 4 gallons per hour! 
  • Easy access to service fuel nozzles and air filter!
  • Save money on Hot Section costs by lowering your ITT temperature!
  • Pressure Cowl will reduce your ITT temperature up to  70 degrees!!

S2R Thrush with Cascade Aircraft Conversions Pressure Cowl!
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